Imagine being reimbursed $500 for shedding 12 percent of your weight.

This is precisely the aim of my 5-month online group health coaching program running January through June 2020, designed to help you transform your relationship with food.

And while I’m looking for ten people who have weight to lose, it really isn’t about the weight. It’s about feeling free in your body and at peace in your mind.

This program is designed to address the root cause of why you eat (the wrong foods!) when you’re not hungry, so we’ll be diving deep into the mucky terrain of emotions, belief systems, body image, shame and forgiveness -- as well as the practical nuances of what to eat for optimal health and why. 

Warning: If you’re looking for a quick fix, I am NOT your gal.

Here’s how you’ll know if joining this program is right for you*:

  • You’ve wasted years in food prison struggling with cravings, emotional eating, or food/sugar addiction.
  • You understand that eating from the veggie tray makes you feel better than eating from the dessert tray, but you can’t seem to get yourself to do it. OR you do it for a while but revert to stress eating when life gets busy, causing you to believe there’s something wrong with you or that you don’t have what it takes.
  • You’ve tried All. The. Diets. and while you know you can lose weight temporarily, it always finds you again -- especially in the most stubborn places, like around your mid-section. OR you’ve been steadily gaining weight for years no matter how well you eat or how much exercise you do.
  • You feel utterly disconnected from your body and have no idea what it wants or needs from you in order to feel well.
  • You fear what could happen if you continue down this road – anything from a chronic disease diagnosis to the feeling that you’ve missed out on your life.

*To be considered for this program, you must have 12 percent of your body weight to safely release.

What's Included?


    Weekly email check-ins, bi-weekly live group coaching calls, and unlimited email support.


    Practical, ready-to-use resources (what to eat/avoid, pantry purge/restock, my favourite Costco items, ebooks).


    Learn a holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle change on the emotional, mental, behavioural and spiritual level.


    Sample weekly meal plan (for novice chefs!) complete with shopping list and cooking instructions.


    Private Facebook community of like-minded people to support you 24/7.


    A peer accountability buddy, plus a dedicated transformation assistant (TA) assigned to your twosome.

*All materials in this coaching program are easily accessible in digital format (PDF, MP3, video). There are no items that will be shipped to you.


Give Me the Details

When?: January 21 - June 23, 2020

What?: Group health coaching & weight release program

Where?: Online, from the comfort of your own home (participate in your jammies!)

What's the Investment?* $1000 upfront, $500 will be refunded to you at the end of the program for successfully releasing 12 percent of your body weight.

Save Your Spot

*Payment Plan Options

Instalment Payment Plan

  • Total investment $1050 | Rebate potential $525
  • 50% payment ($525) required upfront, 50% remainder ($525) after 3 months

Monthly Payment Plan 

  • Total investment $1100 | Rebate potential $550
  • $220/month, first payment required upfront and monthly thereafter

Meet Your Teachers

Carolyn Coffin

I believe eating should be simple. If we’re courageous enough to listen, our bodies know exactly what, when and how much to eat as well as how to heal themselves. A fundamental part of what I do is empowering people to develop a healthy relationship with food and break free from food prison.

Carolyn Coffin Former Physiotherapist, Certified Health Coach and owner of Eat Real Food Academy

Introducing the TA's (transformation assistants) who understand what it's like to walk in your shoes   

Erika T.

Food was how I coped with difficult feelings for most of my life. Instead of dealing with the root causes of stress, worry, anxiety and resentment, I’d turn to sugar and refined carbohydrates. After having children, this pattern of mindless eating left me with an extra 30-50 pounds I couldn’t seem to shed. Carolyn’s program was unlike anything I’d tried before because it started on the inside (Who am I? What do I believe is possible? Where am I getting in my own way?). When I learned to adopt the identity of a healthy person, everything began to fall into place. There was no stopping me once I found my tribe. I released 38 pounds in 2019 but more importantly, I feel strong, confident, self-compassionate, and worthy of the vibrant health I now feel. If I’m ever tempted to binge eat – which occasionally still happens – it serves as a beautiful reminder that there is an emotion in need of my attention. I feel so grateful to have developed the skills to name and tame my emotions without turning to food.

Erika T. Sign Language Interpreter, Successfully released 38 lbs in the 2019 program
Patti M.

I struggled with a lifelong pattern of binge eating as a way to cope with painful emotions and it not only led to feelings of shame, but also high cholesterol and weight gain. Despite a 25+ year relationship with Weight Watchers I had never once reached my goal weight, and my sense was that it never addressed the root cause of my emotional eating. Knowing that Carolyn could relate personally to these challenges helped me feel less alone and allowed me to open up without worrying about being judged. Real food and regular exercise helped to regulate my appetite, improve my sleep, bring my cholesterol back to normal (yeah, no medication!), and release weight. I am still working with Carolyn on the root causes of my overeating and breaking up with the scale!

Patti M. Change Manager, Resilient Mom of Three, Healthy Living Enthusiast
Adam G.

My weight has gone up and down all my life and I honestly believed it was my fault – a fundamental personal flaw. It was a terrible feeling to think everyone had it all figured out but me. Carolyn introduced me to a whole new way of approaching weight loss beyond the traditional CICO (calories in, calories out) model. She also challenged me to make small modifications to my eating and exercise habits rather than the drastic all-or-nothing approach that had proven to be exhausting and unsustainable in the past. The principles were simple and easy to implement. I felt free from food cravings for the first time in my life and I didn’t even have to rely on willpower! I went from being someone that couldn’t even play with his kids to being much more involved. I’m not fully “there” yet, but I feel confident that I have the tools to carry on without it taking up a lot of time or willpower. I’m on autopilot…in the best possible way!

Adam G. Business Owner, Successfully released 50 lbs in the 2019 program